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Sunshine State Interfaith Power & Light is a 501(c)(3) corporation in Florida that works to help coordinate and mobilize efforts by the religious community to fight global warming. We believe climate change ranks with war, poverty and resource depletion/destruction as one of humanity’s most urgent and deadly problems. History shows that “when the people lead, the leaders will follow.”

The most successful populist movements of modern times have all had one thing in common: They were organized by and through religious congregations. The Satyagraha movement for self rule in India, the Civil Rights Movement for equality under law in the U.S., and the People Power Movement to prevent a military coup in the Philippines are outstanding examples.

The powers and principalities of the world – that is, Corporate and State institutions – publicly express great respect for religious faith, while privately funding long standing propaganda campaigns to smear and denigrate religion and drive wedges between secular and religious activist communities. But people of faith are by definition dedicated and persistent: When obstacles are placed in our path, we go around them, push them aside or undermine their foundations until they collapse.

Sunshine State Interfaith Power & Light helps people do their part in making the future a reality. We provide our Covenant (and other) congregations with information and learning resources on Creation Care. We encourage and facilitate money saving energy retrofits including solar power installations for houses of worship, homes and businesses. We are preparing to launch an online initiative in partnership with Salsa Labs to enable our online subscribers to quickly and conveniently provide direct, individual input to their elected County, State and Federal officials on policy matters related to Creation Care.

The Sunshine State Interfaith Power & Light board of directors works on a pro bono basis, and is always mindful of the need to get maximum results from the financial resources provided by our members and supporters. Every dollar donated is an investment in getting that work done. Please give prayerful consideration to your role in supporting this work.

Donate Now: via Salsa Labs secure online portal. The recurring donation option makes small monthly investments that add up to big results easy to manage. Donations to SSIPL are tax deductible, contact us for details.

Sign Up: Create or manage your membership on Sunshine State Interfaith Power & Light’s creation care mailing list. This is a moderate volume list, usually sending out two or less messages per week, including notices of new content on the SSIPL website, and events we sponsor or support. Coming soon: Legislative alerts providing a quick, convenient way submit your personal comments and feedback on public policy affecting Creation Care.

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